A ‘home’ can be many things to different people - it can be the place one grew up, the place one started a family or a place to which we retire. If you’re buying your ‘forever home’ there are so many things to consider aside from the obvious financial considerations.

Alan Howick looks back on 5 decades of experience

This November I clock up 52 years in Estate Agency – what has changed and what have I managed to learn?

It all started in 1967 when I worked for a local newspaper, the late, lamented Harlow Citizen www.britishpapers.co.uk/england-eang/harlow-citizen which closed it’s presses in 2008. It was a lovely job – but I popped into a recruitment agency to collect the copy for their next avert and ended up having an interview to become an estate agent. I mean, whoever had heard of estate agents in the late 1960s?

WE could be leaving the EU at the end of the month, let’s face it, anything is possible on the Brexit merry-go-round. However, one thing is certain and that is that there has been a negative effect on the property market reports property reporter.co.uk

First things first, if you are an FTB (horrid industry jargon) then it’s important to say that the housing market hasn’t been that kind to you. Getting your foot on the bottom rung of the property ladder is just about as hard as it’s ever been.

How it’s all changed over the last few decades.

When I started in estate agency it took me a full twelve months of learning my apprenticeship to be allowed to take on my own instructions and another few months to run my own sale.

But with my very own company car being a marvellous light blue Mini (the original type, with sliding windows and a string to open the door), I felt great!

Now the kids are ‘getting them on’, putting sales together with aplomb whilst still not being old enough to shave. And too make it worse; they (the kids) prefer to use their own cars (some being a so-called mini which is twice as big as my 1967 version). And the language when you speak to them: ‘it’s cool’ or ‘no troubles’. They say goodbye in fourteen different ways within as many seconds! Just try, “Good Bye” please, just once – That’s fine.

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