You may nor have heard of ‘home staging’, but trust us, there is a whole industry dedicated to it! In short, home staging is the concept of making your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers to facilitate a quick sale. It’s about making house hunters consider your space as their own and highlighting how wonderful the property can be for them and their lifestyle.

Clever home staging will not only sell your house quickly, but in some cases can add value too. Here we have compiled a quick list of six tips to help you on your way.


1-  Decorate!
This sounds dramatic and a whole heap of work, but we’re not talking about flock wallpaper and throw cushions here. A quick lick of paint over marked walls will help – as will painting in neutral and light colours. That mural of Buzz Lightyear in the kid’s bedroom has got to go. Let’s be honest, the new buyers will probably decorate throughout to their own tastes. Clean, neutral shades will help them to envision that. It will also make the house feel more spacious by reflecting sunlight and giving an ‘airy’ feel.

staging your home for sale
(image courtesy of 'Drama Garden')

2-  Furniture!
Not everyone is going to like your prized, black gaming chair with the built-in beer holders that you have in front of the tele or the chaise longue you’ve had since Granny passed away with the gold trim. Clutter is always a bad thing when it comes to staging. Why not consider putting some of your furniture into storage or in the garage? Similarly, placing the furniture against the walls in a ‘traditional’ style is also advantageous – it creates more space and (again) let’s the potential buyers imagine how they would lay out the room(s).

3-  Clutter!
Buyers hate clutter. Their own house is full of it, and we can guarantee one of the first thoughts and intentions they have about their new place is that it’ll remain clutter-free. Get rid of yours. We’ve already mentioned extraneous furniture, well the same goes for crockery, ornaments, the old collection of DVDs you’re never going to watch again, the wilting cheese-plant and the yellowing photos of the strange relatives you have in Norfolk. It’s all about space (you may notice a theme going on here?)

4- Fittings!
Clean your light switches and plugs and remove any sticky finger marks left by the offspring (your own that is, not the American punk band). Little marks on the wainscoting may have become ‘wallpaper’ to you (how many times have you walked passed old blutack marks and not noticed them) – but your buyers may well pick up on them. Move out any tired and battered furniture and de-clutter every room!

home staging Harlow Essex

5- Lights and Props!
It’s always good to the let the light in if you can, especially during the spring and summer months. If you’re selling in darker months make sure you have the most complimentary lighting on between viewings. Also think about props. It might seem cheesy but some fresh flowers always make an impression. Some people swear on making a fresh pot of ground coffee before the buyers arrive. And remember paintings and artwork! Something bright and tactful – you might love your prized Iron Maiden posters but a lot of buyers won't.

sell my house in Essex

6-  Pets and Kids!
Get rid of them, period. In seriousness the whole process is about de-cluttering and having pets and kids about will obviously make your home feel smaller. Many people aren’t enamoured by pets, so it’s always good to brush up their fur, remove the bedding and hide their food bowls.

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