So, you’re looking to move – perhaps you’ve found your dream home or location already or perhaps you’re simply ‘testing the water’ to see how much interest your own property might generate. Either way marketing your property at the right price is really important. 

how much is my house worth?

Rumour and gossip is always rife in neighbourhoods when it comes to property value. We’ve all heard stories of a ‘Joe’s house that only went for £xxxxx’, or ‘Susan’s place, which is smaller than yours, was sold for a whopping £xxxx!’ And to a point it’s crucial to start by doing some research into properties recently sold in your area to get an idea of how much you could expect to achieve. But remember there are always variables. Joe’s house may have had structural problems and Susan’s might have been wonderfully decorated and had a new extension, for example.

Before inviting an agent to value your property, take a look at our online valuation tool to get an idea of an estimated value.

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So, who to use? Well, it’s common wisdom that you should use an agency with a good amount of local knowledge. A valuation will take a lot into consideration, including market conditions and a knowledge of the local area and recent sales. This is before the evaluation of your property – it’s condition, any additions or features etc.

A reputable agent will be objective when it comes to appraising your property, so try not to be too emotionally involved. The valuation should be based upon the property and not on the financial investments you have made over the years. So don’t be tempted to choose an agency based solely on the highest valuation. An agent may suggest a higher price to win your business, for example.  And remember, overpricing your house is very likely to deter prospective buyers – people are unlikely to arrange a viewing if the price seems over-priced. An over priced property is very likely to be on the market for a long time – which can cause frustration and cost you money in the long term.

If you do receive an offer, the buyer’s lender will discover if the house is over-priced anyway, and will probably refuse them a loan.


Find a reputable, local agent who will give you a reasonable and realistic valuation. And good luck!!!


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