Despite everything that’s happened thus far in 2020 (and let’s be honest we won’t be totallysurprised if an asteroid hit before Christmas) the property market seems preposterously buoyant. We detailed in a previous blog post how well sales were going in our area here in Harlow and the Villages – but it seems that this trend is happening nation wide.

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Despite a slow start when it first re-opened the property market is expecting a boom. A new poll carried out by Miller Homes showed that buyers are very active at the moment with a very large proportion of them hoping to move this year – many before the end of summer.

According to Judy Johnston in the Daily Express: “(Miller Homes) polled 750 potential property buyers around the UK, with surprising results. It found that more than two thirds of buyers are itching to get moving and still hope to do so in 2020, despite the uncertainty. It found that 69 per cent were still determined to make the move to a new home by the end of the year.”

The survey was conducted in May as restrictions were being lifted, which may of course have swayed the results a little, however of those polled a huge 36 per cent of people were hoping to move by the end of the Summer.

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As you may have seen, here at H&B we introduced virtual tours during the lockdown period, which have proven to be extremely popular. So much so, indeed, that we intend to keep producing them into the future. The use of virtual tours is in accordance with government guidelines of course - and although safe viewings (with social distancing provisions) are now acceptable it remains important to stay safe in this difficult time. This means, of course, that fewer viewings are possible, slowing the whole procedure down.

It has been estimated that 450,000 buyers and renters in the UK had to put their plans to move on hold during the lockdown. 

Chris Endsor (chief exec at Miller Homes said: “It’s encouraging to see that so many people are still keen to push forward with their property plans as soon as possible. With everyone spending so much more time at home during the lockdown, many people will have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate their current living arrangements and this may prompt increased interest in moving home.”

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Life has changed for a large majority of us over the last few months especially when one considers family life, work routines, expenses and family finances. It’s very positive to see that people are still very keen on moving and finding their dream property

That said, it is crucial to remember that the virus hasn’t gone away. Please stay safe and be responsible. We certainly intend to at Howick and Brooker.

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