So lockdown continues to ease and even us Oldies are getting out and about and back to work. Our estate agency, Howick and Brooker, has emerged phoenix-like after a decent slumber to a near avalanche of new interest and sales. Naturally, February through May were very slow, but the housing market seems very buoyant now – nothing like three months locked in your old house to make people keen to find a new one!

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I’ve been ruminating a little (as one does) as to why we are doing quite so well since agencies like ours were allowed to open a few weeks ago. I’ve decided that there are four main reasons:

  • We’re pretty damn good at what we do. Slightly hubristic, I know, but we’ve been in practice for many years and have a little experience when it comes to buying and selling properties…
  • As we’ve been present in Harlow (Old Harlow) since the mid 1970s our name is pretty well-known in the area and we do like to conduct ourselves in a professional but also friendly manner.
  • We did make a big effort to be visible and helpful during the lockdown period. It’s very important to work with the community at times like this – so inn association with our friends at Your we shared a plethora of local news. James, the fruit of my loins, used social media (whatever that may be) to share articles on home schooling and childcare etc. I’m led to believe this was all very well received.
  • Cricket…

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As some of you may know, I’m a little keen on cricket, so you can imaging my devastation with the lack of play over at the Marigolds ground thus far this year. The prospect still remains of course, but it has been decidedly odd not partaking in a glass of Chablis and listening to the sound of leather on willow.

Harlow CC has been building up a lovely community following over the last few years, and it’s been rather depressing that we’ve been unable to gather in the Pavilion with the local families who have made the place so ‘buzzing’ over the last few Summer’s.

That said, over the last few weekends members of the HCC Vice Presidents Club have been working like Trojans preparing the southwest corner of ground into a quiet garden space. With the approval of the club’s committee this area is where the former clubhouse stood between 1953 and 2018. Hopefully it will retain a few happy memories for those of us who spent many happy hours there. Look at my magnificent trousers!

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The project included the levelling of the area (thanks to our Chairman, Simon Radbourne), the removal of weeds and as many plastic remnants from the old nets, the planting of seven silver birch trees and the creation of a new paved ‘slab’ for two new benches which are to be kindly donated by those wonderful chaps at Branson’s Leisure. All whilst socially distancing, of course!

The costs involved have been organised by the HCC VPC with kind donations from the Pamela Whitby 90th birthday fund and local solicitors Harris Cuffaro & Nichols. Its getting very green already, so thanks to our groundsman Cliff for scattering grass seed along with anything that is green that grows wild over this corner. 

At Howick and Brooker we are always grateful to the local community who have given us so much over the past 45 years or so. It’s important I believe, to give a little back every now and again, and hopefully this ‘memorial garden’ area will give a little pleasure to cricket lovers, or to people who just want to take a sit down on a warm say in a tranquil location. 



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